Price : $33.80
Brand : Atkins

Atkins Meal Bar Chocolate Variety Pack Bundle of 3

Science has been at the core of each decision we have ever made. It all started in 1963, when Dr. Robert C. Atkins began to formalize the managed carbohydrate approach after studying a collection of articles revealed in the Journal of the American Clinical Association that supported this idea. At Atkins, we continue to coach consumers about the rising body of analysis on weight reduction and weight management. In truth, today, there are over 80 research that spotlight the positive weight loss outcomes and other well being benefits related to following the Atkins Food plan. These advantages embrace weight reduction, growth in risk elements for coronary heart illness, hypertension and diabetes, inflammation, advantages in treating epilepsy and lowering obesity in youngsters and children. And of course, science extends to our products, whose great taste and diet are the results of thorough scientific formula the usage of the one of the easiest elements on Earth.


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