Brand : Dr. Schulze's

Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox Essential Oil Purifying Spray (4 oz.)

The air round us is filled with countless, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and antigens that may pollute the environment and result in sickness when breathed in. With Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox Crucial Oil Purifying Spray, that you could lend a hand combat many harmful components within the air and create a more fit setting at any place you spray.

The use of a hundred% pure essential oils to help in air purification, Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox can help eliminate these harmful materials on contact, whereas giving off a calming eucalyptus and citrus scent. Just use our air detox spray in your house, automobile, place of job or another place to activate this highly effective, germ-fighting system.

Many diseases, such because the fashionable chilly and the flu virus, are caused or made worse by using the standard of air round us. Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox Crucial Oil Purifying Spray is formulated to help struggle these harmful pollutants, making it especially valuable in high-risk households with children, pregnant ladies and senior electorate.

Take the primary steps towards cleaner air with Dr. Schulze’s Air Detox Very important Oil Purifying Spray. Order yours these days!


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