HMR Vegetarian Combo 6 Entree Bundle: 2 each Cheese and Basil Ravioli, 1 each Mushroom Risotto, Five Bean Casserole, Lentil Stew, Pasta Fagioli, 8 oz. servings, 6 Count

The Vegetarian Combo Percent comprises six veggie-full HMR Entrees-perfect for individuals who merely love vegetables, and also best for a vegetarian standard of living. Whether or not you’re within the mood for a creamy risotto or a tacky ravioli, this percent is certain to please. Enjoy two each of the Cheese and Basil Ravioli, and one each and every of HMR Mushroom Risotto, Five Bean Casserole, Lentil Stew, and Pasta Fagioli.

The Cheese and Basil Ravioli includes a delicate pasta full of a flavorful blend of cheeses and candy basil covered in a basic Italian tomato sauce. The HMR Five Bean Casserole is a fiber-rich meal made from perfectly cooked purple, black, and white beans mixed with lentils, potatoes, and chickpeas in a zesty and flavorful sauce. The Lentil Stew is a tasty lentil and vegetable medley in a savory brown sauce. The HMR Mushroom Risotto combines rice, mushrooms, red peppers, and a touch of parmesan cheese to make a rich, creamy, and satisfying dish. The Pasta Fagioli entree features penne pasta, beans, tomatoes, and carrots blended with conventional Italian flavors to form one really fulfilling deal with.

Like several HMR Entrees, these choices are extremely versatile. They mix superbly with any of your favourite vegetables to make a hearty and pleasurable lunch or dinner that is ready in with regards to a minute. With simplest 170-240 energy, and 10-14g protein per serving, which you can feel confident that you are making a good choice in your weight administration.

HMR Entrees are quick, easy, and scrumptious and a low-calorie different.

HMR Entrees take one minute to arrange, and would not have refrigeration until they are opened.


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