Brand : Medifast

Medifast Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bars (1 Box/7 Servings)

Mouth-watering, merely-out-of-the-oven delicious.

Take 5 – Medifast Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bars, which is! which It’s essential to experience as much as five of these tasty Medifast Meals each day on the 5 & 1 Plan! Medifast Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bars function a truly good crunchy model and a method which is decrease in vitality, complete fats, and carbohydrates than Medifast Repairs Bars. That implies they may be definitely interchangeable with completely different Medifast Components.

Maintain some in your purse, desk, and automotive, and revel in a scrumptious, pleasant emergency Meal on every occasion you are on the go, caught at work, or in visitors.


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