Sodot Hamizrach Laxin Forte, 90-count

Pure tablets for normal bowel motion Constipation has plenty of causes. Nowadays numerous factors mixed to “sabotage” our sound digestive functioning. The main issue is the worrying and worrying way of life, leading to wrong eating habits, rigidity, and so forth. Furthermore, we stuff ourselves with quite a lot of unhealthy merchandise which make it troublesome for our body to perform correctly. Researches and scientists, from west and east alike, pinpoint wrong diet as the key result in for digestion issues. On this context, certain fruits and plants are considered especially effective in assisting digestion and contributing to simple bowel moving.”Secrets of the East” combined its huge experience in natural products’ area with the researchers’ data and developed the natural drugs aimed to verify simple bowel motion – LAXIN FORTE. LAXIN FORTE, the results of many years’ research and building, is a totally pure and highly focused mixture of fruits juices and distinctive medicinal vegetation in drugs. The capsules contain the active components found within the following medicinal herbs: Tibetan Rhubarb, Fennel, Psyllium, Flax seeds, plums, figs and Tamarind extract.Usage of LAXIN FORTE assists digestion and stimulate metabolism in a secure and natural way with out a unintended effects.


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