Price : $39.95
Brand : Sports Research

Sweet Sweat ‘Workout Enhancing’ Gel | Helps increase circulation, sweating and motivation during exercise | ‘XL’ Jar – 13.5oz

What is Sweet Sweat
Candy Sweat is a topical exercise enhancer that may in truth target drawback and injured areas making improvements to circulation, motivation and sweating all over train. Via increasing circulation and sweating, more power is directed to the exercising muscle mass, making your exercise really feel easier and helping to accelerate heat-up and restoration instances.

Encourages Sweating All over Exercise
It takes calories to make energy and it takes vitality to sweat, more vitality than most of the people notice and like any energy consuming processes “Sweating Helps Burn Energy.” Sweet Sweat will lead to a further increase in circulation to areas applied, serving to to advertise a “excellent sweat.”

Candy Sweat is Activated by You
Sweet Sweat works together with your multiplied coronary heart fee, so the more full of life the train the easier it will work. Candy Sweat can be used whereas swimming and in a dry or infrared Sauna.

The right way to Practice
Observe an ample quantity of Candy Sweat to the skin before starting your workout. Be sure to coat all preferred areas without rubbing into the skin. REMOVAL: After exercise, and the standard “quiet down” period, towel off product FIRST, and shower using warm water and soap.

Important Note
Do not use different lotions and lotions on the pores and skin sooner than applying Candy Sweat, as they can create a barrier on the skin that retains Sweet Sweat from working correctly. To avoid sweat stains on apparel, it is strongly recommended to make use of a pre-wash stain remover earlier than washing.


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