Price : $119.99
Brand : Skinny Jane

Skinny Jane Weight Loss Kit, Quick Slim Kit, Diet Kit, Best Tasting Protein Shakes for Women, Appetite Suppressant Fat Burner Diet Pill, Cleanse and Detox for Fast Weight Loss, 30 Day Supply (Vanilla)

Your Skinny Kit includes three nice Skinny Jane products:

Skinny Mix

Skinny Mix is a good tasting weightloss shake designed for results. It incorporates a different blend of ingredients to help you drop some pounds and feel satisfied.

Nutrition Information:
• one hundred energy per serving
• Only 1 gram of sugar
• 3-4 grams of fiber
• Special blend of 7 proteins

• Suppresses urge for food
• Boosts metabolism
• Speeds weightloss
• Tastes great!
• 1.5 lb bag=30 servings

Instructed use: Drink 1 to 2 Skinny Blend Shakes a day for very best results.

Skinny Burn

• 9 leading edge ingredients to maximize fats loss
• Helps scale back cravings
• Will increase vitality
• Ignites metabolism (helps burn calories)
• Incorporates Raspberry Ketones
• 60 capsules per bottle

Suggested use: Take 2 pills daily with eight ounceswater, one earlier than breakfast, and one around 2 pm

Skinny Burn is secure and effective. You’re going to have more energy, you is not going to crave carbs, and your body will start burning fat!

Skinny Cleanse

• Helps remove toxins from the physique
• Speeds weightloss
• Helps you feel higher
• 15 day system for immediate outcomes
• 30 pills per bottle

Advised use: Take 1 capsule with 8 ozof water 15-30 min earlier than mattress. If 1 pill is tolerated neatly, you can also take 2 for a much better cleanse. It is a very efficient cleanse, so at all times start with 1 tablet to see the way it impacts you.

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